Does our math education impact how we value math (or don't)?

The author of Social Media for Trainers and I have been having an interesting debate about the place of higher math education in schools. I had read her book and found it useful, so I looked up her Facebook page. There, under the heading, “Stop teaching math,” she placed a link on her Facebook page […]

Math Sentence Frames Wiki

In a training today, I learned about sentence frames. These are helpful for English language learners, and also native speakers, to develop understanding of math concepts by filling in a statement with blanks in it. In researching this further, I came across a wiki that contains a number of sentence frames for various California math […]

New Multiplication Activity Available – Free!

For my educator friends and colleagues, I have added a new multiplication chart lesson plan, complete with reproducible handouts, to It is free to download and use. It can be used in a classroom, in a homeschooling setting, or in a special needs or remedial context. The lesson is aligned to the Common Core […]

Tips for Times Tables and Dividing

Teachers in my math workshops like me to share some multiplication and factoring tips I teach my students. These help with number sense as well. I hope they can be useful for you too. Tips for Multiplying Whole Numbers Times 2: Double the number. If multiplying by 2, the result will always be even. Times […]

NaNoWriMo YWP TGIO Party

On Friday, my young writers and I had a Thank Goodness It’s Over party to celebrate our accomplishments during the month. The TGIO party is a well-established tradition for any NaNoWriMo group. I have always used it to showcase and celebrate each individual child’s writing. We met at a family’s home, and each child had […]

NaNoWriMo is Over!

Today is Wednesday, December 1, and November is finally over. All of the students in my program, Your Greatest Writing Adventure Ever, achieved their goals of writing a story in the month. The word count goals ranged from 1,500 to 4,700 words, and their ages ranged from seven to ten. What an amazing accomplishment! Not […]