Brief Review of Pubit! New ePublishing Service by B&N

Barnes and Noble launched its new pubit! service today, where authors can upload their manuscripts and have them automatically converted to ebooks. While I’m not crazy about the name (as I had my concerns about the iPad name initially), it looked like it might be easier to use than the Amazon Kindle service. I published […]

NY Times on Singapore Math

Last Friday, this New York times article about Singapore Math appeared. The premise of the beginning of the article is that by studying one number at a time slowly, students learn more thoroughly and therefore build a better mathematical foundation. This is true, even if it is an oversimplification of the curriculum. Here is a […]

Video and Quiz: What concept are they missing?

Watch the video below and see if you can identify which of the concepts Pa and Ma are missing. Which concept are Pa and Ma missing? Click here to take the quiz! Here is a more detailed explanation of the correct answer.

How Far Can Singapore Math Take You?

An article appeared in the Lowell Sun yesterday, and this article triggered more questions than answers in my mind. Among other things, the North Middlesex Regional School District found spotty improvements in math test scores. The article said: Brady and Muir discussed how the district’s use of so-called Singapore math is problematic. “We think Singapore […]

Video: Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

I came across this video from a Singapore tutor in my browsing today. It explains how to simplify an algebraic fraction problem. Interestingly, I solved a similar problem with my one of my algebra students last week. I like how this blogger breaks the steps down, but I would like her to explain more why […]