Butterfly from the Sky

Butterfly from the Sky cover

A shy girl finds her life has new meaning when she encounters a talking butterfly. Adventures with the butterfly cause her to rediscover who she is. She can even stand up to the school bully. How does the butterfly help this happen? And why does it talk to her? With themes of loss, bullying, empathy, and a changing world, this is a thought-provoking read for young people ages 7-13.

Praise for the book:

Five stars

My elementary aged daughter couldn’t put this book down! She thought it was captivating from the first page and read it straight through. She said that the main character was really unique, but that she could still relate to the issues that she went through. She liked how the characters got to see the world through another person’s eyes. “I haven’t read anything like it before, which made it so interesting that I couldn’t stop reading.” Real world lessons in a fantasy world setting. Great book! – Daniel Dillman, Amazon.com