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What Kids Learned in Math Class That You Never Learned (Udemy)

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Singapore Math resources:

Multiplication Activity Lesson – Free download by Susan Midlarsky. Related: Tips for Times Tables and Dividing

Pi Day Activities: Blog entry, lesson plan on, and free pi poster download – Curriculum materials from Singapore

This website from a tutor in Singapore shows the part-whole concept, how to draw a basic model, and how to teach addition and subtraction using it. Many more modeling examples and links are on the left, as well as information about Singapore Math.

One emphasis in Singapore Math is on mental math. This site has wonderful videos that show all kinds of mental math tips and tricks.

Online math software:

Math manipulatives:

Software for model drawing:

SET daily puzzle

Software for children with dyscalculia: The Number Race – files to download and developer’s site. Research article about its efficacy can be found here. Read blog entry about dyscalculia. has a number of interactive math games on it, including Thinking Blocks. These games, unlike some others, seem to have solid pedagogy behind them so they reinforce learning. Plus they are fun to play! Their computerized Mancala opponent is also better than some I’ve found, though I was still able to beat it on the first try.

Khan Academy is a feature-rich site for learning and practicing math skills. View my review of the site here.

Articles about Singapore Math:

Summary report about a longitudinal study of a Massachusetts school district that adopted Singapore Math, including analyses of before and after test results.

Reviews by parents who have been using Singapore math as part of homeschooling, showing how it works for all different learners

Abstract of article titled, “Singapore Math: Challenging and Relevant Curriculum for the Gifted Learner

NaNoWriMo/Literacy Resources:

The Young Writers’ Program – how to inspire young writers to have confidence and write

Story Board Game – Original game to inspire story-writing ideas (free download)

Rory’s Story Cubes: Nouns

Rory’s Story Cubes: Verbs

Other Resources:

Charles Ames Fischer’s website – a valuable resource for learning about Socratic Seminar, learning by inquiry, metacognition, and creative writing.

Download Reciprocal Teaching Cards here.

Find the clickable Sprint resource, covering fluency topics from kindergarten to Grade 5, here.

Need more? Find the 6-8 Fluency Activities, formerly published on Engage NY, here.