The Art of Learning Math

Do you struggle with math?
Would you like to help a child learn math, or would you like to improve your own relationship with it?

Cover image for The Art of Learning Math: A Manual for Success

This book can help! Learn about ways to make math relevant and connected, at every life stage, for anyone who wants to understand it better. Maybe you experienced trauma when learning math, maybe it never made sense to you, maybe you’re trying to help a child learn it, or maybe you’d just like to deepen your understanding of it.

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Praise for the book:

Five stars

What a feast of mathematical food for thought! Every reader will take away big helpings of the delicious dishes offered at Ms. Midlarsky’s table of plenty. 

Laurie Sopher-Heffron, classroom teacher for over 20 years
Five stars

Susan Midlarsky has written a must-read book for math teachers, administrators, and parents. She brings the fun of learning to the math experience, while also de-mystifying complexities that frustrate many learners.

Charles Ames Fischer, award-winning author of The Power of the Socratic Classroom