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Yet Another Private School Adopts Singapore Math

It’s a measure of what a difficult situation our US schools are in when the math program a school adopts makes the news. But that is exactly what is happening often now that our nation is recognizing how far behind we have fallen in math and science. This article outlines the reasons this Chester, PA […]

Dyscalculia and Teaching Math

Imagine trying to pay for a doughnut and not knowing if a $10 bill is enough. Imagine not knowing which is more, 5 or 4. Imagine never having a sense of time, so you are always early or late for things. Or someone gives you an hour to complete a task, and you have no […]

"Cerebral Bulimia"

The Urban Word of the Day today was “cerebral bulimia,” defined as “binging and purging of the brain.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? It calls to mind all the useless studying in which facts are crammed into temporary storage in the brain, dumped out on paper (or computer) for a test, and promptly forgotten. This can, […]

Professional Development: What Do Teachers Really Need?

My friend and esteemed colleague, Charles Fischer, brought to my attention the frightening lack of time and resources spent on professional development for teachers. His blog post relates a report from the National Staff Development Council and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education to his own experience with professional development. Here is a […]

America's students are failing?

New York State is putting teachers and students under more pressure by revising the required scores on standardized tests for students to achieve proficiency. Why are they doing this? Apparently it is because despite passing Regents tests, almost 25% of the students need extra support once they reach college. How will they afford “remediation” for […]

What is Singapore Math?

What is Singapore Math? This is a question I get a lot, from friends, people on the plane, pretty much anyone with whom I discuss what I teach. It’s a broad topic, but I’ll try to cover it in a nutshell here. Singapore Math is the curriculum for teaching math that was developed in Singapore. […]