Math Doubles and Squares Fun Time

If you teach math, or want to enrich your children’s understanding of numbers, here is a set of activities that children will enjoy while learning a lot. You may have heard about Multiple Intelligence Theory. One thing it tells us is that we evolved to have intelligence not only in verbal and mathematical learning, which […]

Normal vs. Abnormal

I was at the Westchester County Airport this morning, in the women’s room, when a woman and I started a conversation over soap. The topic soon changed to bathroom decor, which we discussed for a few minutes before wishing each other well. Then the woman walked out, and I was able to see her gait. […]

Teach Show on A&E: Educational

A new reality show called Teach premiered on A&E on October 1. It follows Tony Danza as he enters the teaching profession as a high school literature teacher, with no prior teacher training. I was fully prepared to dislike this program, as the preview indicated it would be another feel-good show about a former actor […]

Dyscalculia and Teaching Math

Imagine trying to pay for a doughnut and not knowing if a $10 bill is enough. Imagine not knowing which is more, 5 or 4. Imagine never having a sense of time, so you are always early or late for things. Or someone gives you an hour to complete a task, and you have no […]