Conceptual Approaches to Teaching Division

When observing a fifth grade teacher the other day, I noticed that while the students were engaged in many positive ways, they relied upon DMSB — Daughter, Mother, Sister, Brother — or some other mnemonic to remember the procedure for long division. They were also ignoring the value of the unit they were dividing. This […]

Can you solve this?

Find the value of the shapes. Solve for each shape value. This puzzle is appropriate for grade 3 and up. Comment with your solutions or questions! Originally published on the Matholia newsletter. The solution will be coming soon!

Now Blogging on Matholia!

As of October 2018, I am publishing periodic blog posts and problems on, home of an interactive Singapore Math-based curriculum and web-based tools. Follow the posts here, and subscribe to the Matholia Loop emails, with free problems, here.  

Getcher Epic Pi Day T-shirt Here!

Hot off the presses, a new design is available to celebrate Pi Day 2015! Order soon to get yours in time, or order yours later to commemorate the fact you were there. They could also make great prizes for Pi Day celebrations, drawings, or math fairs! Shirts in many colors, mugs, hats, even baby-wear and […]

Meet me at NYSCATE!

I’m excited to be presenting at NYSCATE on Tuesday morning, the last session of the conference. Even more exciting, my session is receiving a lot of attention; looks like we’ll have a packed house! I’ll be showing off Eureka, Common Core, Inc.’s excellent interface for the New York State math curriculum. I’ll also be demonstrating […]

Quick Tip for Teachers: Organize Your Manipulatives

One of the biggest challenges many teachers face when adopting a manipulative-heavy math curriculum, where pretty much every lesson starts with a hands-on component, is how to manage the pieces without sacrificing half the lesson time. Here is one way that may help. 1. Buy, or ask each parent to buy, as many extra pencil […]

Singapore Math Cheat Sheet: Starting a Child Mid-Year

A teacher recently asked me a question: “What do I do with the student who is strong enough in his math concepts, but he has no idea about Singapore Math approaches like number bonds, and he starts our school late in the year?” For her and other teachers in the same boat, I’m making this […]