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Video: Our NaNoWriMo YWP anthology is famous!


Imagine my delight today to find out from one of my young writers that my students’ anthology from last year had been featured on the NaNoWriMo Young Writers’ Program blog in late October. I’m kind of surprised we didn’t hear about it sooner, but it’s inspiring to discover it now, since so many of us are struggling with word counts and the challenge of finishing our stories by the end of the month.

You can watch the video below, or view the video on the NaNoWriMo YWP site. The anthology is called The Sun Shines on the Golden Dragon and the Mysterious Wizard, But Not on the Fat Smelly Alien. It is available for purchase on, and any royalties go to support The Garden Road School, a wonderful, progressive, non-profit school.

If you would like more information on the anthology, please visit the About Susan page of my website.

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