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BugMath for iPhone/iPod Review


A new app for iPhone/iPod, called BugMath, came out recently. It claims to teach young children math skills based on Singapore Math methods.

To experience it, I played my way through the various games, which are fun and have cute graphics. I saw how they can reinforce counting and memory skills. However, I don’t see how they are based on Singapore Math principles, so I think they are using the words “Singapore Math” as a sales gimmick.

For these ages, 3-6, the game would use a true Singapore Math approach if it integrated number stories and number bonds. Also, the addition/subtraction game is entirely too random to teach those concepts. Yes, the children can count the number of bugs to calculate the answer, but that is not unique to Singapore Math. A good math practice game would progress from easy to difficult, but this game randomizes the questions, which makes it more like a quiz than a teaching tool.

Is it a good game for young children? It makes math fun, and it’s well designed for a game (except for the Space Invaders-imitation game, which would be too challenging for the motor skills of young children). So if you would like an entertaining game that has some educational value, it’s worth the two dollars. Just don’t expect it to be a true Singapore Math-based game.

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