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Video: Learning to Calculate With Ten-Frames: Singapore Math


A video demonstrating how ten frames can be used to develop number sense was posted at (They disabled embedded on external sites, so you will have to click to see it.)

The video shows progression from counting-on with touching, or the concrete stage, to the pictorial stage of being able to look at ten frames and see how many dots are present. Early in the video, it says the child is a kinesthetic learner, which may be true, but touching the objects is a natural early stage for anyone. So touching the objects doesn’t necessarily mean the child is a kinesthetic learner, but they may be at the concrete stage of learning a certain concept.

The clip does a nice job of showing how a teacher can help a student one-on-one (though I would have liked to see the teacher doing more guiding and less instructing), but what about teaching larger groups of children? There are always issues of permission when dealing with groups; however, I think it would help teachers if they could see how to use this in a larger setting. This is something I can model when offering professional development at a school visit.

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