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Story Board Game


Nearly all writers have experienced writer’s block. There are many ways to overcome it, including by using a variety of prompts. I have used Rory’s Story Cubes, which the students and I love, writing kits, and more.
Rory's Story Cubes
Today an idea came to me to make a board game with writing prompts. My students have had fun and have written good stories while playing it. Please feel free to download the game and use it as you please. You may even find a way to use it in conjunction with the story cubes. Enjoy!

Update July 2012: There are now Rory’s Story Cubes – Action available! These are also great, and they work well together with the original story cubes. In fact, the first ones can be thought of as nouns, and the others as verbs. My students find inspiration in mixing them together. Since the ink they are printed with is different on each, it’s easy to sort them when the children are done using them.
Rory's Action Cubes

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