Educator Brilliance

Every now and then, when we make the space, our educators get a chance to shine. Sometimes this is when they work together in a way that is outside the routine. An example is one time I conducted an online workshop. As an introductory activity, the teachers went into breakout rooms. Their task was to […]

Mathitudes a.k.a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in Math

Ever since I heard this story, I’ve been working to change my communication with children about what is important. I think this comic says it better than my soapbox speeches. And you can substitute anything else for math, but I chose math because I hear that all the time. *If you’re stuck on helping your child […]

Independent Common Core Math Curriculum Reviews

I’m pleased to report that an independent non-profit organization,, is reviewing new Common Core math curricula. I sometimes get asked about my opinion about the different options, but it’s hard to respond when there are so many new materials that I haven’t seen, and I am only one person. While the reviews don’t address […]

New Eureka Math Books Available

Yesterday, an exciting package came in the mail: the first two published modules of the Common Core math curriculum for Grade 2, complete with my name on the inside! Even though it was only listed for Grade 2 (I’m writing on the Grade 5 team too), it was nice to see my name on another […]

New Presentations for the Fall

As the fall gets into high gear, I will be getting on the road again. If you’re in New York, try to attend NYSCATE this year and register for my session on Singapore Math on Sunday, November 20. If you can come on Saturday, I will be giving a three-hour workshop on NaNoWriMo in the […]

NCTM Illuminations 2011

This summer I gave a three-hour workshop on Singapore Math model drawing at the NCTM Illuminations Institute in Reston, VA. This was a fun workshop with a great group of people, and we accomplished a lot of model drawing practice and understanding. I was pleased to see recently that the workshop received a couple of […]

Math & Science Professional Development Grants

Teachers of grades 3-5, are you interested in a grant for professional development in science and math? Parents and students of a 3-5 grade teacher, are you interested in helping your teacher have a great opportunity to learn more math and science? The Mickelson Exxon-Mobile Teachers Academy is accepting applications through October 31. Be sure […]

How Far Can Singapore Math Take You?

An article appeared in the Lowell Sun yesterday, and this article triggered more questions than answers in my mind. Among other things, the North Middlesex Regional School District found spotty improvements in math test scores. The article said: Brady and Muir discussed how the district’s use of so-called Singapore math is problematic. “We think Singapore […]

Professional Development: What Do Teachers Really Need?

My friend and esteemed colleague, Charles Fischer, brought to my attention the frightening lack of time and resources spent on professional development for teachers. His blog post relates a report from the National Staff Development Council and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education to his own experience with professional development. Here is a […]