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Educator Brilliance

Every now and then, when we make the space, our educators get a chance to shine. Sometimes this is when they work together in a way that is outside the routine.

An example is one time I conducted an online workshop. As an introductory activity, the teachers went into breakout rooms. Their task was to collectively write a one-word-at-a-time inspirational, true saying about education. This involves the participants taking turns in a round to add one word to a saying that someone starts; it stops when the participants agree the saying is complete.

Sometimes this activity goes nowhere, or it gets silly. It always serves its purpose to break the ice, though.

On this occasion, I was thrilled to be able to save the Zoom whiteboard with its brilliant sayings. I think they’re all true! Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

A set of sentences on a white background that are about education.

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